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The Surround Sound Lounge

Immerse yourself in the harmonious fusion of music & mindfulness at The Surround Sound Lounge, a restorative immersive sound experience custom curated and facilitated by Siri Lorece RYT 200.
Set in a serene and inviting atmosphere, this unique offering combines the soulful elements of live music while honoring the ancient practices of yoga philosophy and sound bath therapies.

Experience the beauty of sound, and the depth of conscious community connection at The Surround Sound Lounge by Siri Lorece, where each session promises an escape into a world where music & mindfulness blend seamlessly.

With a primary focus on offerings to artists and music industry entertainment professionals, The Surround Sound Lounge by Siri Lorece is available for community group sound journeys, One-One-One sound baths, and Private Events: Performances at Music & Yoga Festivals, as well as Artist Wellness Facilitation for event performers and staff.


Sound Bath

A magical music & mindfulness sound bath experience.



Amathyst & Black Tourmaline full body heat mat & pillow therapy.


Crystal Magic

Add a boost of crystal wellness to your sound bath experience.

One-On-One Reservation Inquiry

Please fill out the reservation inquiry below, this is not an appointment confirmation. Inquiries are responded to in the order they are received. Sound Bath Journey's are included in each offering, BioMat, PlantWave, and Crystal Magic are add-on offerings.

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